Happiness Thieves

  • 10 little habits that steal your happiness:
    1. Focusing on everyone’s story except your own
    2. Waiting for the perfect moment
    3. Working for nothing more than a paycheck (Do work that defines you)
    4. Harbouring feelings of hate
    5. Holding tight to worries and fears
    6. Dwelling on difficulties
    7. Constantly seeking fleeting contentment
    8. Trying to make a difference all at once
    9. Holding on to someone who hurts you
    10. Over-amplifying the importance of physical attractiveness (Marc and Angel)

Finance Stuff:

  • Why time frames matter to you (Big Picture)
  • Visualising Bob Farrell’s 10 investing rules (Street Talk Live); and
    Investing/ trading rules, alphorisms and books (Big Picture)
  • 7 dirty words of trading (Trader Habits)
  • How to fix America’s wealth inequality: Teach Americans to be cheap:
    Today, wealth equality is closely tied to income equality. But in the long run, it’s all about thrift, frugality, and saving — in other words, teaching a consumer nation a lesson in cheapness. (Atlantic)
  • Aspiring Africa: World’s fastest-growing continent (Economist)
  • Companies’ moral compasses: Some ideas for restoring faith in firms (Economist)
  • Private equity: Buy-0ut bosses fear a bubble may be forming. That won’t stop it (Economist)
  • Huge flight of rich after French tax hikes? Nope (Economist’s View)

Career Stuff:

  • Top 7 non-financial skills required in finance (Investopedia)
  • Those grammar gaffes will get you (HBR)
  • 25 creative CVs and resumes (CreativePro)
  • Common sales mistakes startups make during their first year (Under30CEO)
  • Harvard/ MIT lecturer Olivia Fox Cabane teaches you how to be more charismatic (Eric Barker)
  • Business lessons from Richard Branson (Kissmetrics)
  • Sexy vs non-sexy businesses: Which way to go (Under30CEO)

Science Stuff:

  • How the ‘the road not taken’ may be undermining your choices (Wharton)
  • What animals can teach us about health and the science of healing (Farnam Street)

Digital Stuff:

  • Eying Apple (New Yorker)
  • 7 technology trends that are transforming the business landscape (CIO Insight)
  • 7 must-have (free) mobile apps to do your job better (LinkedIn)
  • In case you didn’t fully appreciate how mobile devices have taken over the world… (Business Insider)
  • If you wear Google’s new glasses you are an asshole (Gawker)

Interesting Stuff:

  • Sci-Fi underground hit: Authors are snubbing publishers and insisting on keeping e-book rights. How one novelist made more than $1 million before his book hit stores. (WSJ) [The publishing game rules are being re-written.]
  • The adverb is not your friend: Stephen King on simplicity of style (Brain Pickings)
  • Portraits of kids around the world posing with their favourite toys (Peta Pixel)

Fun Stuff:

  • How to pick the best seat at a restaurant or a dinner party (Farnam Street)

Cool Stuff:

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