PERMAnent Happiness

  • PERMA: The one word you need to know to be happier:
    – Positive emotion
    – Engagement
    – Relationships
    – Meaning
    – Accomplishment (Eric Barker)

Finance Stuff:

  • Platinomics: The economics of the $1 trillion platinum coin option (Economics);
    A platinum coin as big as the Ritz
    (New Yorker); and
    The platinum coin idea is idiotic. That is the point. (WaPo)
  • Five brutal years teach investors to sit tight (Businessweek)
  • The arithmetic of active management:
    Because active and passive returns are equal before cost, and because active managers bear greater costs, it follows that the after-cost return from active management must be lower than that from passive management. (Stanford)
  • The bloodhounds of capitalism: It is a good time to be a corporate investigator (Economist)
  • The emerging-world consumer is king (Economist)
  • How the Rothschilds created modern finance and a vast fortune that has lasted for centuries (Business Insider)

Career Stuff:

  • 13 things you’re doing to sabotage your success:
    1. Grammar
    2. Flaky McFlakerson
    3. Quick sale
    4. Talking crap
    5. Over-promising
    6. Not my fault
    7. Lack of patience
    8. Pretend motives
    9. Without intention
    10. Overcommitting
    11. Complication
    12. Subtraction by addition
    13. B.S. (Forbes)
  • Why you shouldn’t work less: Even if you prefer spending time with your family (Slate)
  • Never lie about you really are (HBR) [Very powerful article about standing up for your truth.]

Science Stuff:

  • Can you trust your intuition?
    – Trust your gut on a subject –if it’s something you’re an expert at
    – For simple decisions without many factors involved (What soda should I buy?) be rational. For very complex or weighty decisions (What career should I pursue?) trust your gut. [Think less about those items that you care a lot about. Don’t be afraid to let your emotions choose.] (Eric Barker)

Digital Stuff:

  • Top 10 ways to speed up and beef up your Google searches (Life Hacker); and
    The Google+ long game is brilliant (Feld Thoughts)
  • The future according to Google’s Larry Page: (Fortune)
  • The internet a decade later (via Big Picture)

Interesting Stuff:

  • The tip of the spear: In the mid-1980s, journalist Joel Sappell and a colleague began a five-year examination of the Church of Scientology that would ultimately produce a 24-article series. It would also change Sappell’s life in ways both mystifying  and unnerving. Decades later the onetime investigative reporter investigates what happened to him. (LA Magazine)
  • Cocaine Incorporated: Mexico’s Sinaloa cartel is a complex, multi-billion-dollar business operating in more than a dozen countries. (NYT)
  • Their cup runneth over: Britain’s drinking culture is deeply unhealthy. So is the politics of drink (Economist)

Fun Stuff:

  • Confessions from flight attendants (LA Times)
  • 10 craziest things employees tried to expense last year (Businessweek) [How could you NOT have a baby giraffe for your party?]
  • Man has alarming level of pride in institution that left him $50,000 in debt, inadequately prepared for job market (Onion)
  • The most glorious ‘Special Instructions’ customers have requested on Seamless: eg. “I smoked mad weed and I got a new video game so don’t break your balls getting here.” (Betabeat)
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