How to Influence Dishonesty

  • What makes you more likely to lie and cheat (Bakadesuyo)
    What increases dishonesty:
    ability to rationalise
    – conflicts of interest
    – creativity
    – previous immoral acts
    – being depleted (tired)
    – others benefiting from our dishonesty
    – watching others behave dishonestly
    – culture that gives examples of dishonesty
    What has no effect:
    probability of being caught
    – amount of money to be gained
    What decreases dishonesty:
    – h
    onour pledges
    – s
    ignature placement
    – m
    oral reminders
    – s

Other interesting reads:

  • BBC Poll: rest of the world prefers Obama (BBC) [Interesting that only Pakistan’s respondents said they would prefer to see Mr Romney win.]
  • 10 things presidential candidates won’t say (Market Watch)
  • Switzerland: are its days as a tax haven for foreigners numbered (Time) Although the Swiss pay lower taxes across all income brackets than Americans and other Europeans, many are increasingly critical of the preferential tax treatment their government extends to wealthy foreigners.
  • Academic research destroys stock values (Chronicle) If a finance scholar writes about your investment strategy, over the next decade or so your returns will shrink by more than one-third.
  • Cash as trash; cash as king; cash as a weapon (CFA)
  • Charlie Rose talks to Jeremy Grantham (Businessweek)
  • “Hallucinations”: seeing what isn’t there (Salon)
  • The uses of difficulty (More Intelligent Life) The brain likes a challenge, and putting a few obstacles in its way may well boost its creativity.
  • Why relationships matter: I-to-the-we (LinkedIn)
    Your career success depends on both your individual capabilities and your network’s ability to magnify them. Think of it as I to the superscript We. An individual’s power is raised exponentially with the help of a team (a network). But just as zero to the one hundredth power is still zero, there’s no team without the individual.
  • Answer three ‘why’ questions: abstract thinking can make you more politically moderate (Science Daily)
  • Why always Mario? (Time) [Good profile on Mario Balotelli]
  • 10 steps to becoming a better writer (Copyblogger) [This is fail-proof.]; and
    A list of rules for writers from George Orwell (Farnam Street)
  • Googling = research for 94% of teen students (Search Engine Watch) [Certainly much easier than using library index cards back in my days.]
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