Let’s Get Critical, Critical…

  • What is critical thinking? (Farnam Street)
    a) The ability to think empirically, not theoretically
    b) The ability to think in terms of multiple, rather than single, causes
    c) The ability to think in terms of the sizes of things, rather than only in terms of their direction
    d) The ability to think like foxes, not hedgehogs
    e) The ability to understand one’s own biases
  • 5 keys to a strong career plan (LinkedIn)
    1. Leverage your competitive advantage
    2. Prioritise learning
    3. Learn by doing
    4. Make reversible, small bets
    5. Think two steps ahead
  • Chris Brogan on how to build a network of value (Forbes)
    1. It’s not about you
    2. Build relationships with “up and comers”
    3. Make your networks horizon, not vertical
    4. Be weird, and be yourself

Other interesting reads:

  • How does the cleanliness of money affect our spending? (PsyBlog)
    We spend more when the notes are in larger denomination, and when the notes are dirty.
  • Passive asset allocation vs the world (Capital Spectator)
    Owning all the major assets has a tendency to deliver average-to-above-average returns relative to a broad set of actively managed asset strategies across the risk spectrum.
    Why not pick the best active performers and enjoy the ride? Easier said than done, of course, in part because the winners aren’t a static list. Figuring out which active managers will soar in the next period, and avoiding the ones that dive, is no mean feat, which is why relatively few investors are able to routinely cash in on the leaders and earn impressive returns without taking on big risks.
  • History of the US Congress: Partisan and ideological makeup (xkcd) [Fantastic graph of ideological makeup in the US Congress since 1788.]
  • Let’s put America’s bankers out of business (Bloomberg) [Maybe a country should think about borrowing more at home. Debt should never be a nation’s biggest export.]
  • From inside Apple, the Scott Forstall fallout (gigaOM); and
    Why Forstall is out (Business Inside) [Forstall’s abrasive personality combined with a series of high-profile errors seem to have done him in.]
  • Amazon is a black hole threatening to devour corporate America (Slate)
  • Michael Lewis’ Princeton University’s 2012 Baccalaureate remarks (Princeton)
    Michael Lewis, a member of Princeton’s Class of 1982 and author of such books as “Liar’s Poker” and “Moneyball,” speaks at the 2012 Baccalaureate in a speech called “Don’t Eat Fortune’s Cookie”. [I love Lewis’ writing.]
  • The rise of the tiger nation (WSJ)
    Asian-Americans are now the US’s best-educated, highest-earning and fastest-growing racial group. They share with American Jews both the distinction and the occasional burden of immigrant success.
  • What are President Obama’s black critics talking about? (New Republic)
  • Let your smartphone deliver the bad news (NYT) [I’m old school. Flakiness and cancelling at last minute via smartphone is rude.]
  • Proust wasn’t a neuroscientist. Neither was Jonah Lehrer. (NYMag)
    Daniel Kahneman, “There’s no way to write a science book well. If you write it for a general audience and you are successful, your academic colleagues will hate you, and if you write it for academics, nobody would want to read it.”; and
    In praise of the big old mess (Discover Magazine)
  • Why are our brains so ridiculously big? (Slate)
    The evolution of the human brain was driven by our increasingly complex social relationships. We required greater neural processing power so that we could keep track of who was doing what to whom.
  • Infographic: the 2,000 most important films of all time (co.design)
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