5 Monday Readings

  • Peter Sims: “Enterpreneurs think of failure like others think of learning(Idea Festival)
    Breakthrough ideas cannot be predicted in advance. One of the key traits of entrepreneurs is that they’re always absorbing new information. “Entrepreneurs think of failure the way most people think of learning.”
  • 21 invaluable investing quotes (Motley Fool)
    Benjamin Franklin, “An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.”
  • The graph that should accompany every article about Millennials and economics (The Atlantic)
    Real earnings for young grads with a college degree have now declined for six straight years.
  • What business is Wall Street in? (Mark Cuban)
    Wall Street is no longer in the business of creating capital for business. It is now a platform for traders (hackers).
  • The power of negative thinking (Farnam Street)
    Deliberately visualising the worst-case scenario tends to reduce anxiety about the future: when you soberly picture how badly things could go in reality, you usually conclude that you could cope. Besides, imagining that you might lose the relationships and possessions you currently enjoy increases your gratitude for having them now.
    Positive thinking, by contrast, always leans into the future, ignoring present pleasures. Also, telling yourself that everything must work out is poor preparation for those times when they don’t.
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