5 Monday Readings

  • Why can’t we sell charity like we sell perfume? (WSJ)
    What if we let philanthropies operate like businesses? Let them pay for talent, advertise aggressively to build market share—even build a stock market for charity. Charities will then then be assessed with three simple questions: What are their goals? What progress are they making toward them? And how do they know? Maybe then capitalism could finally save the world. 
  • Bubbles: who to blame (Library of Economics and Liberty)
    Liquidity creates bubbles; see also The next credit bubble is now(CNBC)
  • Creativity and IQ (Part 1) (The Creativity Post)
    Sleep, humour and alcohol helps with creative insight because (1) you don’t focus on the problem, and (2) positive moods tend to enhance creativity.
  • Common fund manager pitfalls to avoid in meetings (Hedge World)
    Investors want to understand what they are getting into and to feel comfortable that their manager in the process is committed and capable of delivering the goods. One of the main questions is, “why did they really start this business?”, and “why do they think their investment sources are unique?”
  • 14 new insights from Wall Street’s sharpest minds (Business Insider)
    What analysts and pundits (eg. Dalio, Rosenberg, Shiller, Soros) think about the US Fed’s latest QE announcement.
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