Interesting Weekend Readings

  • The real reason we can’t stop talking about Steve Jobs (Forbes); and How Polaroid paved the way for Apple (Businessweek)
  • Romney’s years as a Mormon church leader (NY Mag)
  • How to run your hedge fund from a prison cell (Bloomberg); and Clueless Capital: an interview with the world’s youngest, most charmingly oblivious hedge fund (NY Mag)
  • An investor’s guide to famous last words (Motley Fool)
  • Generational warfare: the case against parasitic Baby Boomers (National Journal)
  • The internet revolution is the new industrial revolution (Forbes)
  • Jack Welch rejects his existence (The Big Picture)
  • Voting with the wallet (Economist)
  • Investors: 2nd class status brings 2nd rate returns (Fiscal Times)
  • The ridiculous business jargon dictionary (The Office Life)
  • China, robots/automation and unemployment (Econfuture)
  • Living in a van (Priceonomics)
  • Prison rape: Obama’s program to stop it (NY Books)
  • Judgment call: judges’ sentencing is erratic (Economist)
  • To don’t (Coding Horror)
  • Humans broke off Neanderthal sex after discovering Eurasia (Yahoo)
  • The trouble with on-line comments (The Content Strategist)
  • Here are the 15 professions that drink the most coffee (io9)
  • The non-apology: a spotter’s guide (SMH)
  • For the absent-minded, a few forget-me-nots (NYT)
  • World’s least-fun person removes one-of-a-kind slide from apartment he just bought (NY Mag)
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